Business Law

In addition to providing legal services and representation to businesses and non-profit organizations, the firm offers specialized organizational consulting services. We have experience working with corporate executive teams and management to strategize and address personnel issues, professional development planning, and leadership enhancement. The firm also offers expertise and assistance to corporate management teams to develop new ideas and strategies for motivating and invigorating their organizations.

Non-Profit Entities
In addition to the services listed above, which are also applicable to non-profit organizations, the firm’s attorneys consult about and facilitate strategic planning, self-assessment analysis, and organizational effectiveness workshops.

Our primary consultant, Robert Warrington, works with individuals both personally and professionally, providing strategies to increase competencies, manage weaknesses, identify roadblocks to success, and identify barriers in personal and professional relationships. These services are sought by individuals and companies trying to assist their employees and executives to be more productive and fulfilled.

Business Succession Planning
No company can survive without a capable owner or manager at the helm. In the event of a key person’s sudden death, illness, or retirement, businesses are often left scrambling to find a suitable replacement. Large corporations and small businesses alike can avoid a tumultuous transition by establishing a succession plan with a knowledgeable attorney. With so many factors to consider, it is important that a company consult an experienced business planning attorney who can understand all of the interests at stake and develop a plan to protect them.

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