Entertainment Law

We know that pursuing a career in the entertainment industry can be exciting but your excitement can quickly fade when you find out that you have not adequately protected yourself, your career, or your ability to generate money. Many people in the entertainment industry do not understand the rights that they are potentially giving away, often for little or no compensation. When you are not aware of the rights you have in and to your work, whether it is a song, a picture, a treatment, a manuscript, a video or a movie-script, you cannot protect yourself.

We regularly counsel clients on issues involving a wide range of legal practice areas, including intellectual property, contracts, business, employment/labor, and immigration. We cater our services based upon the nature of your work within the entertainment industry. We take a practical approach to help you identify, understand, and protect your rights. We understand the unique needs of the entertainment industry, whether putting a deal together or vigorously enforcing clients’ contractual and intellectual property rights. We focus on the following areas:

  • Business development
  • Copyright law
  • Film and television
  • Media relations
  • Music publishing
  • Record label agreements

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