Many of the Attorneys with the Herbert Law Group are skilled in Mediation. Mediation is a process in which two or more parties use a neutral third party, a Mediator, to help them resolve their dispute. Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) because the goal of the Mediation is to resolve a dispute without having to go to a court trial. Some courts require parties to attempt to resolve their matters through court-ordered Mediation before scheduling the matter for a court trial. Some clients voluntarily choose to resolve their disputes through Mediation. Many clients like Mediation because it can result in a quicker resolution to a dispute than a court trial. Some clients like Mediation because the resolutions can be more creative and more under the control of the client.

Attorneys with the Herbert Law Group can be called upon to be the neutral Mediator, to help clients resolve matters outside of the Courts. This is particularly attractive when a client has a delicate matter, such as a dispute within a family over an inheritance, a dispute within a family-owned business, or a dispute within an active or dissolving partnership. In instances like these, clients often seek mediation in an attempt to resolve their disputes with limited acrimony.

Attorneys with the Herbert Law Group also frequently serve as advocates for one party in a Mediation, whether court-ordered or voluntary. This is often the case in employment disputes, including in cases where individuals believe they have been discriminated against in employment, disputes over non-compete agreements and wage and hour disputes. The Herbert Law Group is dedicated to providing excellent representation for our clients, whether it be in traditional litigation, or in Mediation.

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